The dance to my song.

​I said,I crush on one who crushes on Adele. 

He then put up a post,” I crush on Adele. ”

I giggled and thought to myself,  I wish i was her, 

I wished out loud, then he said, “I have found one who is Adele.” 

And something magical happened,  in a place where nothing ever happened, 

I become one with Adele, I sang but the tune was too high, so it broke my voice , 

I crushed the cords and the music was no more sweet,the heels were too high, it disappointed.

He saw no more Adele, my voice repelled him and my songs he hated, no more applause, I pushed him rolling in the deep end, it was no more someone like me.

Then i realized, I couldn’t catch up, So i stopped, did it crush me? In tears i read, I become inspirational, until the day a passage talked to me, it said ” if they care,they will stay, you’ll not beg or change you for them to.” So i took the desperation,the begging,the pity party,the mirror me that I had adopted to please him, smeared all that with paint and made a new statue, one that i named me.

The heels fit and felt comfortable, the music, my music felt so sweet, the glamour and applause felt right, I took to the mirror and the smile was infectious, I didn’t know of a laughter so magical, my world, my paradise. I pleased me, and adored me, i become me, i crushed on me. 

So i wrote, i crush on me, 

He put up a post, ” I crush on Mary.” 

I sneered and thought to myself, ain’t it too late, I sympathize with you, just like Adele, you will crush, but it will be just that, crush.” 

I had  thought out loud. The tables had just turned.
In all you do, sing your song, how wrong it may feel, how irritating it may sound, how scary it may feel, how bad your voice may be, sing your song. If they don’t love it, love it, once you love it, they’ll love it, if they don’t,  it ain’t your fault that they are deaf?



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