The faint whisper in the wind.

He drives home from a business  meeting. Glad that office  hours are over and he can go home to his family.  He smiles at the thought of his beautiful  family. The other day his daughter said her first words. It happened  when his wife was cooking , his mother was playing  with her, when she called him, papa. He is happy.  He is eager  to reach home,but he never does. News of his assassination are never heard of. why would they broadcast it?
His killers  will never be brought to book. He had a family, Friends, he had a good heart. Always doing good. But he was forced to his end.

She was late for work but it was still  very early in the morning.She was sad, her son was sick and he missed her alot. she hardly had time for him, she never knew that was her last morning  with him. She was raped and killed on her way to work. I cried when i heard what had happened  to her, not that i knew her but sad, right? Her son was only eight years old.

What drives one to end the life of another human being? where does the courage  come from? Every  evening i watch  two very beautiful  birds, the mother bird feeds the baby bird and close together they keep each other warm, even them know how to care for each other.

What is becoming  of us, the human  race. Everyday we hear of murder and almost nothing is done. We talk about it when it concerns us. If it don’t  happen  to people around us why would we talk about it? Right? We forget that someday it might be us. It might be people we care about. Think about it.

Everyday  we hear of how strong words are. How powerful words are yet we don’t  speak them. A word from each can change what we are becoming  and make it better.Little talks about corruption, tribalism,individualism,  murder, poverty,power,togetherness, love,peace, among others can bring change to few individuals who have no fear of the future, who don’t  care for  the tomorrow  people, their own children, who only think of themselves and how to fatten their  already fat purses.It gets  me wondering,don’t  they have the fear of God?

Who am i kidding? If people in power dares talk and no one listens who am i or should i rather say, who are we, we that don’t  have an audience?  we, who go as far as to think of a change and do nothing about it?What choice  do we have than to just pray for a better tomorrow, pray that out there someone else is working for a change as hard as we are thinking about  it.

As i write a R.I.P message for him and her just to console their  families who may never get justice, i can’t  help but wonder how their killers  will sleep at night, Will they celebrate  and tell themselves that they did well? Which shoes should  i fit in to understand how there can be so good people  and bad people at the same time?  I may never understand but this i know, there is a reward for good and evil and I hope that  love and truth are
stronger in the end than any evil or
misfortune in the world.