Grandma times

Is it the new technology or do i have a feeling that things have changed so much in time. Times are funny. My grandma used to wear this miniskirt and had this afro type of hair, though pics were in black and white and still things were easy then.

I wear miniskirts,have my afro type of hair, live in a time of social media and technology which would make things easier, but things are complicated.

People used to talk instead of chat. There was no changed English accent or a change of skin colour. I dont think there were the wannabes  who thought they knew everything and yet knew nothing.

So i imagined,take  me back to grandma times,world of no instagram,whatsapp, facebook,and the rest. Where I’ll  have to sit with my elders  and decide on my life. Take me to that age of lighting fire to communicate, but before you do, tell me,how will i survive?



I need not to say more. Those that came up with the saying that,those who laugh last laughs the best, mush have had quite an expirience.

Life is like a merry-go-round. Today it might be my turn to be hit by a bullet but who knows tomorrow, it might be you. Be careful what you do unto others, do unto them what you would like done to you. No one ever knows when a  bird will piss on their heads.should i rather say, the hen never knows the fate of its eggs,whether they will hatch into chicks or become a omelet.


What do you think of the word sorry. You say it everytime. Whether you mean it or not. So many times people say sorry to please  or get away with something wrong they did.
There are those that say sorry all the time even when they are not wrong. Those that find it too hard to swallow their pride and apologise.

So am doing this for those that have been hurt and never got a sorry.those that are sorry for not saying sorry. I  am doing it for you, saying,SORRY.

You should know.

Sometimes we all do irritating things. Those that we deliberately  do without knowing and those we are aware of. Take for example you are sitted next to me in a matatu, busy texting, then i peep at every text. That doesnot even compare to me talking to you while busy sleeping, contemplating  on how to solve your issue moreso if i have a bad breathe. Those people you wish they would just keep quiet or just leave you alone.

I once happened to sit in a matatu and this lady was singing so loud without noticing, there are people who sing so bad with headphones  on. They just cant help it. I understand its a public vehicle, i dont need to be comfortable but please, you don’t  have to pick your nose or blow it with your hands and expect sweet glances.

I am not even  talking about those people that talk with their mouth full or make so much noise while eating. Don’t  make us leave the table for you for fear of throwing food particles in our plates.

To you who scratches every part of your body in public, spits everywhere, we ain’t  happy seeing your saliva.i thought you should know.

We cant say how irritating this and many more are, but i can say, irritating ain’t  pleasant.

You can reach that high too.

For some reason, i find it hard to believe that some characters  people assume to possess  are in born. Dont you agree? How can someone have so many achievements  when all you have is a dream.

What did they ever do to deserve so much? What did i do wrong to deseve less? Maybe its a matter of time? So i asked so many question with no answers. I couldn’t  help but wonder why there are so rich folks and others so poor.why are the poor so bitter about the rich? Why would the rich think so less of the poor?

I think  of it and understand why someone would say, “with all that money? He must be a thief.” Or “he is so proud, he thinks his money would take him anywhere? ”

Most of this words are not said because they are true, but simply because that person has that which you dream to have. He/she brings out the person you are supposed to be. Just that you cant say this but deep down you envy them. You pray to be them. The things we can never say, but formulate a way of showing them, envy,anger and insult.


The music, the violin, the sweet melody. I danced to your tune, not caring how high i had to jump or how fast i had to dance. So whenever i fell, i pulled myself up again and you said,” why do you dance like you’ve  got two left legs?”it broke my heart. So i said to my heart. You are not the fairest of them all, not a fairly tale princess, snow white or barbie, that doesn’t  make you a slave to love. I read about love to only realize that, love is not to be forced, if it were meant to be it will be. So i let go.

And now you are back? Singing how sorry you were, how ready you are to dance to my tune. Tell me how do i mend my broken heart? How do i tell my wet pillows and the tears that soaked them that their tormenter is back? How do i teach my heart to forgive and forget?

So to protect my flower from withering, i will tell you this, go back to the better days without me. Better days that made you skinnier, disorganized  and made you realize how important i was. Better days when you were out celebrating with those that were better than me while i  was nursing my heart.

As my heart celebrates its recovery, i celebrate me. For i know it wasn’t  me that was a bad dancer, that i took the right steps. That i was never wrong. Don’t  think that you are the victor, that this is for you? I write it for all the broken hearts, all the tears and sleepless nights, all the heart aches. Get up and look for a greener pasture. For a colourful relationship. Staying never makes a difference but leaving does.picking up those broken pieces opens up a way for a great are better than that.

You may never want to give up. May hold on but where your heart is unable to make decision, use your mind. For when love ain’t  sweet, love is bitter, and I’ll  be here watching and writing for the broken hearts. Such things we never say.

walk in my shoes.

You love judging others.dont you?it makes you feel superior, right? Have you ever wondered how they feel about it? So what? If they eat alot,cry over nothing, dresses in an old fashion, is that not who they are? May be thats all they’ve got.

How bad a person may be or how good depends on alot of things. Dont keep on saying how bad the other person is.we’ve  all got skeletons in our closets. How bad that person is,is sometimes determined by how much you judge them.

When that crowd in the bible wanted mary stoned to death.what did jesus tell them?they all saw the spec in Mary’s  eye and forgot about the log they had in their own eyes.before you criticize and pull down others think of them first.

We all have different ways of crossing a river, there are those that swim, those that build a bridge and those that go back. Thats who we are, and hey trying to change someone to what you like dont you think it will make them you??? Dont judge me for who i am where i come from or how i do things.

If you have to judge me, talk about me, try and walk a day in my shoes.they may not fit but try hard and understand why i am who i am.maybe then you will judge me less.

the beautiful lie.

So this day i woke up with my face swollen. I also had this acne that made me look pretty me no girl wants to show her face when its that bad. So decided to stay indoors. With such a tragedy  i called all my friends.thanks to the new technology all i did was send a pic for them to see how bad it was.i expected “oh dear its pretty bad” or another genuine opinion.  All i got was, it ain’t  that bad, your face is as good as i remember,you call that an acne?wait till you see mine. Lie after the other. Its not that it was something internal, everyone  could see it how they missed it,i have no idea.

So i thought, why do people lie so often even when that lie is not necessary?i admit though,most times lies can pull you out of a very bad situation .is it that people are so used to lying  or is it that people hate to hear the truth? One thing we all forget though lies give birth.once you tell a lie, whether by chance or by mistake you will keep on lying to keep up with the first lie.

Mostly the pleasure of lying is so sweet especially  with a greater audience, as in cant they see that am lying? i just lied to all of you and you just listening? this feeling of victory makes one want to lie again and again.

People may lie for different reasons and some do have a pretty good way of telling lies but don’t  all lies have consequences?

Whether in good or bad will, no matter how good you beautify a lie sometime it can never be hidden and the truth always comes out sooner or later and that mostly leaves liars feeling me have been there.

When they say words are like sword or fire and they can burn, i beleive the part of words that burn are the lies.anyway if no ones wants to hear the truth why not tell a lie? I can write all day about lies, how they can build or destroy, how people get away easily  by lying instead of telling the truth, but a lie no matter how beautiful it looks can never become truth.

So ill give you a challage instead, be truthful  all day, lie the next day all day, whatever makes you happy stick  to it.

We are who we are.

forget about the social status, the skin colour and all other factors that distinguish human beings from one another. aren’t we the same? guessing that we all evolved from apes  or   created from mud depends  on how you believe your origin to be.  lemme go straight to the point. have you met those people that look down on you  because of where you come from how you eat or dress? they are too much right? the other day my friend from the ghetto had to spend her evening date  pretending to be full just because she didn’t know how to eat fancy  i mean use knives and forks and spoons. you know, that neighbor that no matter how cute your new shoes look will always say, “who wears that anymore?”  and just because she is your neighbor and you borrow  extra shilling from her when you are broke or you use her clothe line , you remain silent but with that boiling hate. and keep telling yourself one day amma be better.

mostly they are  our friends. they talk about you behind your back, tell how poorly dressed you are, indicate how broke you are in public and funny thing when you know about it  you keep smiling at them. deep down you wish to tell them how you hate them for that, how you can still do without them, that their glory will come down soon. call them hypocrites and tell them all their fouls. but you just cant. they are things you never say especially to a friend. because you want to be different . and most of times no one even sees the difference.

so to them i say, we all are better at something. we are tired of you bragging of how good you are. we don’t need to here how perfect your life is, we aren’t complaining of ours. actually  we are comfortable. do you need to tell us you  were bought a Ferrari for your birthday? now that i spend mine with my friends at the beach is mine less a birthday?  i know i sound jealous right now  but tell me don’t people like that get to your nerves? i  don’t say this but damn i feel like running away when such people approach and i tell my ears “Don’t listen”  and my mouth “don’t speak”

dropping the bombshell

I envy those that came up with these awesome proverbs that almost go  in handy with every situation. Think of this, not all that glitters is gold. So true,tell mi who doesn’t   love the skin of a leopard?  dare touch it. Then you will know all that glitters is not  gold. so  i thot of calling a spade a spade. I decided to have this blog that i will share with people that which we hardly say. Like i had this friend who thought she was so perfect, pretty face,great body the worst she knew she was damn good. A problem though, she hardly took a bath.everyone smiled when she was around and never wanted to piss her could they tell her she had a body adour?  who would dare and be left without a pack? Oh i did. I dropped the bombshell, it was not  good though i still remember the black eye she gave me. So i though no ones wants to hear the truth or be the one to tell it. Some one has to though. You’ve  got to know if your mouth is smelly, or you talk too much.someone has to appreciate you sometime. We all need to be reminded of our fouls. You know that friend that keeps calling you just to tell you how great her life is and how you should be like her,do you have the guts to tell her that you are comfortable and she should be? i almost forgot  the one who likes you when your life is going perfectly and runs off when the fire starts burning. Would you tell them?? So many things we ought to say. Endless. I call them THE THiNGS WE NEVER SAY.