The tale of a stranger

I say to her,”life is hard uh?”
she gives me that look,you know the, what do you know about life being hard look.
The heat is unbearable, why can’t  the sun just take a rest for today?
“Getting dressed this morning i thought  i would be the only interviewee,how many jobless people do we have out there?”  I keep telling her.
she gives me the same look, i don’t  like it, Am done talking to myself i guess its time to shut it.

“We not getting this job” she says. so she speaks uh. I look at her waiting to hear more.
“I got kicked out of my place yesterday, i went back to my mum’s. I’ll  have to watch her cry, complain of how bad her employers  are treating her, You know she will then smile and tell me to try hard not to become a house help. They’ve not paid her for months and yesterday we had to sing our empty bellies to sleep.  She plans on quitting her job.

You should see where we call home? Oh darling, people there live in shattered tents, they pay rent no more, why would they its like they live in an open space. I had a job you know, i got fired the boss had a cousin, she needed a job, she owns a boutique but needed to keep herself  busy and change her job for a while.I smiled when they fired me. My son tells me to smile all the time, his father took him away from me, I used to work for him, he raped me, what can i do? Am just a poor girl. You are too young to think that life is hard. You hear half of my story, you will learn that life is more than hard but am still standing. I guess its your first interview.So dear, what were you saying? why is is it you think life is hard?”

I try to talk but i just stare. Deep in thought. The queue is moving slowly.  Its now i remember what a friend once said, “you dont need a classroom for you to learn”  I look at her, and tell God, “if i dont get this job, can you atlist give it to her?” I may go home jobless but atlist i know,“Sometimes our light goes out, but is
blown again into instant flame by an
encounter with another human being.”