Before the tree withers.

His thoughts were of something beautiful,
He that had it all, his charm was a fruit that bore desire,
Those that yearned for desire got hooked, for he was a drug,
Whose addiction was intoxicating. A god they said, a master player,
I’m a fun loving guy, he’d say. And the beauties would cling on this beautiful tree,
Salivating on the sweetness of it’s fruit.
How could one with no appeal became the berry on the lips of all the Queens?
The dancer that kept all the damsels on their feet,
He had his fun, his moments, such beautiful thoughts,

This tree would soon wither,
Before the sunken skin, before he lost his moisture,
He had to pick from all the beauties,
One with an allure of a goddess and the strength of a lioness,
One that wouldn’t cling too tight on a tree for the fruits, she that bore desire,
But his stories like bush fire had spread,
Stories of a reincarnated Solomon,
He’d love to get hooked and burn with desire for just one,
But which one would over look the stories?
Or believe a tree with an attraction so strong and such an allure,
would keep only one, have eyes for just one?
Would such a tree used to embraces from many climbers be satisfied by just one?
The vibrant tree with a desire to quench a thirst of that which was rare and yet so abundantly provided .
Would he ever find now that he was seeking,
Or would it be a question of, ” utaoa lini?”
A thought of something beautiful,
Of a start of the tree’s other life.
Mary muema.



It was then the monkey decided to reach out to the sea for a swim, for it had called to it. The mirage so warm, so tempting, so welcoming. It went in for a jump, but the sea drowned it. Chocking the monkey, the monkey stretched further to reach deep down for the sea was still calling. But slowly its breath was escaping, at that moment, it couldn’t help but wonder why it always saw the best part of the sea? Why was the sea so good yet it so wrecked the monkey? why did the sea bother calling to just hurt the monkey over and over?
Poor monkey, she loved the tides of a sea so broken that its calm flow covered a wrecking poison. The clear waters hiding the blades that the monkey kissed with its bleeding heart. She loved a swim so good from one so cold that its mind was frozen. No wonder her thoughts were clouded.
Love sickness. So sickening that the monkey felt not the taste of death. A love that only the monkey understood. Deep down to the roots of the cold sea, poor monkey drowned and chocked to death with just a smile and a tear. A tear that the sea was cruel enough to wipe as it flowed to another victim. To another tragic love story…….

Shhhh, listen.

It has been a while.

A moment alone,

To think of how in life,

We fall, struggle, cry,

But never should we give up,

For an ox keeps pulling the plough,as long as it’s eyes are open and it’s legs strong.

So here is to the things we say, never give up, try, crawl but never give up.

The words we say, but do we listen?

Judge me not.

I reminisce on my stories,
Because it’s this magical place,
I feel the embrace of the stars,
And the warmth of the creation I make,
So if I write of a beauty of the skies,
If I make my stars hot and the sun cold,
If I dance to the silent music,
Don’t judge,

For I have a gift to tell tales of truth, and those of lies, they have known a beauty more captivating than that of the horizon.

Queen of words.I reminisce on my stories,
Because it’s this magical place,
I feel the embrace of the stars,
And the warmth of the creation I make,
So if I write of a beauty of the skies,
If I make my stars hot and the sun cold,
If I dance to the silent music,
Don’t judge,

For I have a gift to tell tales of truth, and those of lies, they have known a beauty more captivating than that of the horizon.

Dear friend, look what they are making me do.

The whispers tell me, Of how good you are to me, They say that I should feel the butterflies, Smile when we touch, Their excitement of you excites me, They think of you as I wait on you, With rosy cheeks and a glowing heart, It’s the whispers who said, That’s how a friend should make you feel.

It’s the whispers that lied to me, That our crazy chats are rare, They envy our closer ,great friends they say, Bad whispers, now I can’t tell you of you, That am falling for you , You who belongs to another, But only the whispers know, Is it not their fault?

The whispers know you are scared, Of the sparks you feel, Of what I may make you feel, But we’ll never hurt the other, I won’t let you, I won’t let the whispers, And you’ll never know of my butterflies, Of how deep am falling.

The whispers say, I should tell you of them, When we hold hands, As you tell me of your troubles, As I tell you of my fears, You’ll say, “I’ll never leave you friend, ” As I say, ” I got you, oh sweet friend ” I may tell you of the whispers, What they are making me do, It is the whispers I blame, For this beautiful kind of pain.


The dark queen. 👑

They say am a little Gothic,

Strange you see,

That I have a cold stare,

My eyes see through them,

Through their veins and their bad blood,

A queen whose crown is Embroided with dry bones,

She that feeds of darkness,

They know I sit on a ice cold throne,

That I am a cold stone,


But hey,

What’s so Gothic about the smell of their fears,

A stench of their trembling souls,

A taste of their Sour tears?

What’s so Gothic about my love for black,

Of the dead feelings that I harbour,

Of the cold and the dirty mind,

My addiction for the dreadful beats,

So what that I dance in the tombstones and arise when the dark arises,

That I outrun the monsters and dance better than the spirits,

That they tremble at the sight of me, her awesomeness,

That I can walk when all fall,

It ain’t my fault that darkness is afraid of me?

Story of a day with a friend

FRIEND. Story of a day with one with the eyes of a dove, Of a day we held each others hands and told of stories, Stories of friends drowned by the same river, I felt your pain as you told of her that broke your heart, I saw the anger when I told of he that lied to me, I said I didn’t wanna fight it alone anymore, You said you were breaking down, I cried that I needed a home in someone, You screamed out your desire to reach out to someone, I laughed for being silly and worrying much, You laughed of the texts I send him in my desperate times, We screamed of how we hated them, Of how we were to let go, we then laughed for it was a lie, I said I would find you in the dark, You said I wasn’t alone anymore, With a promise to not give up on each other, We knew we had found friends in each other, A home for our Lost souls. You said I did over think most times, So I did, What if it was just you and me, Would we get hurt, lose each other? Would we break each other, we of good hearts? Would we hate each other like we did them? We that understood the pain of yearning for a touch of the stars so high? We that knew not to break but to create. Or did we make better friends than we did anything else? A story of a day with one whose lips are like lilies. Story of a day with a friend finer than any gold, One with a heart so golden, and enchanting presence. one I would never lose. A friend.


It was a stranger that left a mark,

This one we bled from the same scars,

His tears like mine had dried up,

Two lost children of the world,

And in my dark cold nights,

My reminisce was of his warm touch,

Deep breathes and the deep stare, 

We swam and tasted of the sweet waters,

The waves and the wind become our muse,

We made music from the sound of our dark hearts,

The good souls turned cold become beautiful master piece,
This stranger, 

He was a god and my dreams were of a goddess,

Its in the night that i felt alive,

I danced with his ghost

Played with his shadow,

I kissed his vapour,  

If only to forget my pain, 

To see one like me, to know i lived in another,
The dream of a stranger that i knew,

He that our thoughts weren’t mutual,

Busting my bubbles, crushing my castle,

I shed tears for this my beloved, 

Beloved do you know of a pain ,

Of one that was never yours?
It was a stranger that left a mark,

I dream of his cuddles if only to comfort,

A heart that lost which  it never had.



How much more hurt?

How many more times do i sow you back,

And tear up after a broken luck? 

If i am to run, run with me,

Don’t  be smart, work with me,

Ain’t  you done breaking ? 

Ain’t  you done bleeding ?

Strongest of all organs,

Oh mother of my feelings,

Oh lover of all,

 Over and over  disappointed,

But forever loving,

Look beyond the sweethearts,

But be one sweet heart,

Hey keeper of my pain,

Do we love but in vain? 

Dance on fire no more,

Sing songs of freedom, 

Chant not of love,

For are we not done counting stars,

Dreaming of a dead paradise 

Oh heart,

Lover of my being? 


Dead alive.


Pushed to an early end,

Eaten esteem,

Swallowed pride,

Crushed faith,

Disappointed soul,


Of one in his hope,

Trusted too much,

Gave too much,

Fell, crushing much,

On his self,


Of a once  hero, 

Of Gone glory,

Battered fame,

Lifted shame,



Of a living warrior,

Forgotten savior,

All alone,

Cold as stone,

In sorrow,