It was then the monkey decided to reach out to the sea for a swim, for it had called to it. The mirage so warm, so tempting, so welcoming. It went in for a jump, but the sea drowned it. Chocking the monkey, the monkey stretched further to reach deep down for the sea was still calling. But slowly its breath was escaping, at that moment, it couldn’t help but wonder why it always saw the best part of the sea? Why was the sea so good yet it so wrecked the monkey? why did the sea bother calling to just hurt the monkey over and over?
Poor monkey, she loved the tides of a sea so broken that its calm flow covered a wrecking poison. The clear waters hiding the blades that the monkey kissed with its bleeding heart. She loved a swim so good from one so cold that its mind was frozen. No wonder her thoughts were clouded.
Love sickness. So sickening that the monkey felt not the taste of death. A love that only the monkey understood. Deep down to the roots of the cold sea, poor monkey drowned and chocked to death with just a smile and a tear. A tear that the sea was cruel enough to wipe as it flowed to another victim. To another tragic love story…….

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