The dark queen. 👑

They say am a little Gothic,

Strange you see,

That I have a cold stare,

My eyes see through them,

Through their veins and their bad blood,

A queen whose crown is Embroided with dry bones,

She that feeds of darkness,

They know I sit on a ice cold throne,

That I am a cold stone,


But hey,

What’s so Gothic about the smell of their fears,

A stench of their trembling souls,

A taste of their Sour tears?

What’s so Gothic about my love for black,

Of the dead feelings that I harbour,

Of the cold and the dirty mind,

My addiction for the dreadful beats,

So what that I dance in the tombstones and arise when the dark arises,

That I outrun the monsters and dance better than the spirits,

That they tremble at the sight of me, her awesomeness,

That I can walk when all fall,

It ain’t my fault that darkness is afraid of me?