It was a stranger that left a mark,

This one we bled from the same scars,

His tears like mine had dried up,

Two lost children of the world,

And in my dark cold nights,

My reminisce was of his warm touch,

Deep breathes and the deep stare, 

We swam and tasted of the sweet waters,

The waves and the wind become our muse,

We made music from the sound of our dark hearts,

The good souls turned cold become beautiful master piece,
This stranger, 

He was a god and my dreams were of a goddess,

Its in the night that i felt alive,

I danced with his ghost

Played with his shadow,

I kissed his vapour,  

If only to forget my pain, 

To see one like me, to know i lived in another,
The dream of a stranger that i knew,

He that our thoughts weren’t mutual,

Busting my bubbles, crushing my castle,

I shed tears for this my beloved, 

Beloved do you know of a pain ,

Of one that was never yours?
It was a stranger that left a mark,

I dream of his cuddles if only to comfort,

A heart that lost which  it never had.



How much more hurt?

How many more times do i sow you back,

And tear up after a broken luck? 

If i am to run, run with me,

Don’t  be smart, work with me,

Ain’t  you done breaking ? 

Ain’t  you done bleeding ?

Strongest of all organs,

Oh mother of my feelings,

Oh lover of all,

 Over and over  disappointed,

But forever loving,

Look beyond the sweethearts,

But be one sweet heart,

Hey keeper of my pain,

Do we love but in vain? 

Dance on fire no more,

Sing songs of freedom, 

Chant not of love,

For are we not done counting stars,

Dreaming of a dead paradise 

Oh heart,

Lover of my being? 


Dead alive.


Pushed to an early end,

Eaten esteem,

Swallowed pride,

Crushed faith,

Disappointed soul,


Of one in his hope,

Trusted too much,

Gave too much,

Fell, crushing much,

On his self,


Of a once  hero, 

Of Gone glory,

Battered fame,

Lifted shame,



Of a living warrior,

Forgotten savior,

All alone,

Cold as stone,

In sorrow,