Worries of a train


From where i stood,i could see the train approach. So beautiful from a distance. So slow. Couldn’t  help but wonder, “oh dear Mr train, will you ever reach your destination?” The nearer  it came, i could see clearly  its passagers, the well dressed gentlemen always reading magazines, their  neighbouring  friends  who either didn’t  afford to buy one and all they could do was stretch  their necks so as to read and keep themselves busy.

The ladies who assumed they were well up  and classy and didn’t  want their neigbour lady who had six young children all dirty and smelly cramped up  in one chair get near them. I assumed all they did was give her wierd looks that when put in words would read,”haven’t  you heard of family planning?”

About that young lady, her hands on her cheeks, deep in thought, not aware of her neighbouring  friends some on their mobile phones. The train had all kind of people. Loud music, gossips, politics, loudmouths,crying,  laughter, all kind of noise. All these people had something in common, worries,problems  they all wished could be solved.

As the train passed by, i thought, now that it carried all those worries and problems, who was to carry its own?



The sun. How do i define you? Soo beautiful that i fear to look at you directly. Your beauty , a combination of charm and harm. The only defination i have is, you rise and set so beautifully.

So i wonder, just as you set,our lives will come to an end, but will it be as beautiful as you, sunset? Will we whither  in style or scorch  as we set? But i understand, everythng that rises also sets. No problem or situation stays forever just as  the sun rises and sets