Story of a day with a friend

FRIEND. Story of a day with one with the eyes of a dove, Of a day we held each others hands and told of stories, Stories of friends drowned by the same river, I felt your pain as you told of her that broke your heart, I saw the anger when I told of he that lied to me, I said I didn’t wanna fight it alone anymore, You said you were breaking down, I cried that I needed a home in someone, You screamed out your desire to reach out to someone, I laughed for being silly and worrying much, You laughed of the texts I send him in my desperate times, We screamed of how we hated them, Of how we were to let go, we then laughed for it was a lie, I said I would find you in the dark, You said I wasn’t alone anymore, With a promise to not give up on each other, We knew we had found friends in each other, A home for our Lost souls. You said I did over think most times, So I did, What if it was just you and me, Would we get hurt, lose each other? Would we break each other, we of good hearts? Would we hate each other like we did them? We that understood the pain of yearning for a touch of the stars so high? We that knew not to break but to create. Or did we make better friends than we did anything else? A story of a day with one whose lips are like lilies. Story of a day with a friend finer than any gold, One with a heart so golden, and enchanting presence. one I would never lose. A friend.

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