Beautiful Blogger Award.


They say, who  doesn’t thank for little will not thank for more and gratitude is the heart’s  memory.  Thankyou melxdyy for nominating me for the Beautiful Bloggers Award to my suprise. Am really honoured and thankyou dearie. Check her out she is an amazing poet.

So here are the RULES!

Link the blogger who took the time to nominate you.
List 7 random things about yourself.
Nominate 7 creative beautiful bloggers.
Notify the bloggers that you nominated their blog for the award.

7 random things about me.

1. I love to sing, i can sing all day, but if ever you told me to sing for you, surprisingly i wouldn’t.
2. I love successful  people that i can’t  help but get jealous  of their  succes,or should i call it envy?
3.if ever i met Shakespeare,maybe after a handshake, I’ll be like,”can i be you for a minute?” I wonder all the time how he felt writing. I love his qoutes.
4. I hate lies, i would rather be hurt by the truth, lies break me though sometimes i lie mostly to get out of trouble.reasonable right?
5. I am hyperthyroid and on carbimazole. I really  used to worry much about it, but realised it makes me strong.  So in whatever you go through, be strong.
6. I am scared of frogs and lizards. Whenever i see one, i think i freeze  for a minute or so. The thought of them gives me nightmares.
7.  I love movies and dont be suprised if you caught me watching Animated movies and  cartoons. 

My 7 Beautiful  Bloggers.


To you my dearest lucky bloggers. All the best.


A beautiful  heart will always bring joy to you. When you keep doing good, good will follow you. Do evil and it will always be like your shadow.

The worthy you are.

Act 10:15 The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”

No matter how unworthy you feel,how sinful you are,if God says YES, no one can ever say No. Only God has a final say.
They may use their eyes to judge you, use your heart to prove your worthiness.

Call it karma

No matter how hard your enemies try or how strong they are, if it is meant for them to loose, they will. Look at Haman and Mordecai, Haman didnot just honour modecai in a horse ride across the city he also  was hanged on the gallows he prepared  for modecai. Call it karma. I’ll  call it a victor for the weak.

Power of the drum

Soothe me,
Help me escape my reality,
In my fantasy world,help me dream on.
Be sweeter than honey,swipe me away to the dance floor.
Should i go up or down? or move like a tornado?
When i find me in the dance floor, make me not dance like av got two left legs.That will shame me.
I cant stand shame, for my tears are  close and my legs are weak to withstand it.


Love, they say so many people search in a lifetime for you. There are those that find you embrace  you then let go. Those that seek and never find. Those that love  never to be loved back.

Oh love, when i love, let it not be he who loves another. Why do you have to be soo complicated dear love? Why do you have to be so amazing and hurt at the same time.

I guess i have to find out but in the meantime  let me believe in, love is kind, love is patience,love doesn’t rejoice in evil.

The ME in the mirror.


When i look at my reflection, i dont just see who i am. I see beyond what i can do. I see the power deep within me that no matter how many times i tell myself i can’t  do it, keeps me going. The inner self that always prevails  over the loud, deceiving  not to talk of the discouraging  part of me.

My big eyes see more than the parts of me that aren’t  that pretty. I know imperfection and mistakes sometimes make us who we are, they help us understand how strong we really  are.

I look at the mirror again and again with appreciation of who i am. I maybe  a drop of water in an ocean, May not be loud enough, have silly  opinions, not make sense at times, but one thing is for sure, i count.

So I’ll  keep on writing for unseen and unpredictable readers, I’ll  keep on dreaming and reaching out for you who only maybe reading this with no interest. And I’ll  tell my beautiful  self your audience got your message oh THINGS WE NEVER SAY.

Do they really know?

She looks back at who she was, pure, a heart of gold a kind soul. A faded smile appear  and vanishes before she too realizes  it. Tears and sadness  replace it. So what went wrong? When did she become heartless?when did she know of evil? She too doesn’t  understand.

She remembers the good days when her heart,mind and soul  weren’t  corrupted by the evil world. She hates that she sold her dignity, that her principles are misplaced. She dreams no more with her world small and crooked. 

So now that her humanity is lost. That her sins seem unforgivable, and all you do is give her lofty glances and say the things you never say on her face, she wonders, do you all know? Do you understand that all she needs is love, prayer and maybe some less harsh judgement? Will you understand her reasons  for being who she is now? Will you listen you of good deeds?