Alone Loner

Am falling in a deep hole, too deep that I have given up help,

Dark, so dark that it has swallowed my will, afloat i go,my eyes closed,

This little space is suffocating me, it got my hands tied up, my eyes closed and my ears waxed, how is that I’ll ask for help, desperate,depressing, deep and deep i fall.

How is it possible when they all are watching, smiling at me? I need help.

Do they know i need help? Do they know their smile hurts me?

Oh,  are they stepping on me? Their toes are hot, the pain. 

The pleasure, tell me now, why am i finding pleasure in pain?

Ain’t this been too long? Someone please, i need out.

Where is that light at the end of the tunnel?  Am falling too deep,

Can someone rescue me? No, I forgot, there is a heavy chain around my neck, 

Where is the knight in a shinning armour? Get me that, or a dragon to breathe fire, to burn it up,

This hole needs some smoke, a signal to tell them, am still here.

Am relaxed,  feeling at home, am i making good out of a bad situation? Oh, the whisper, “it all gets better.”  Its soothing me, sending shivers, what did it say? Is my mind playing tricks? 

The higher power, its working,  I believe, I trust, but I need more light, oh God, dear Jesus, you got me?

Please rescue me, am still here, falling and hoping, my going down this hole, is my ladder to going up.

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