The year that was,

With fear i faught,i struggled,i ran, i tried but did i make it?
I remember my resolutions, i wrote them down but did i achieve?
I made friends, i got happy, i got hurt, i cried, i laughed i prayed but did i break?
They pulled me down, hide their sarcastic faces when they cheered me up and said you gonna make it, Did they bring me down?
I had my share of great moments and worse moments too, did i learn?
I look back, wait a minute, Do i have to? The year is over. I made mistakes, i achieved in some and failed in others. It was hard on everyone, It was easy on everyone.

New year.

Its time to make other mistakes and achievements. I ain’t  saying its an easy journey. I will wish you all a happy new year but hey have your tools on, work, nothing comes easy. Make your new year a better year.

words like a sword.

Some people have a way with words, they shape it to desirable form,others never understand it or should i say, never have the way. A simple word can stir up emotions,create chaos or do the opposite.

Take love for example, you can proclaim your love to someone and that immediately lightens that person up. Sometimes your timing to proclaim that love can cause heartaches and sorrow. Words just like a smile can change soo much in a person both in a positive and a negative way.

its words that sometimes help make a great person or rather give character to a person. Your words plus your actions can determine your life and create you in a way that is hard to understand, you just have to choose what words come out of your mouth,when, where and how.

I read somewhere,

Words are pale shadows of
forgotten names. As names have
power, words have power.
Words can light fires in the
minds of men. Words can wring
tears from the hardest hearts.

I gues then its upto you to choose how well to play with your words. As i experiment how well words can make a change by saying a thankyou to you all my readers.