The unpaid for classes.

Disappointments, great lessons that  teaches me on where to put my trust and who to give my whole, Unpaid for classes that teaches me not all that require love are to be given love.For have had my share of dissapointments and when they laugh or smile at me after disappointing me, reminding me of how stupid i made my choices and how poorly i exercised my gift of free will, they open my scars, turn them into fresh wounds, instead of being strong, i hide my face, blame the inner voice for not warning me of danger, cry my eyes out, But then,

I remember, its not me. Their smile, it makes them hide the guilt they feel, its the unasked question of how i did it after they dissapointed me.Its the shame of seeing me better and still moving. They check on me to see if i still care, for their worry is not having one to walk all over, one to feed with dissapointments.

So i snap out of my disappointed self. Prove to myself that have done good in trusting my Maker.He that i need not to tell of my story for he sees it all and never disappoints. Does He not tell us to trust in Him He whose love never ends?
When he gave us free will, was it not because he wanted us to make our choices wisely? He that says we should seek his kingdom first and it all shall be added unto us?  He who never disappoints

“Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold
water is to burning metal; it strengthens,
tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.”