To my great grandchildren.

my dear great grandchildren,

Sit around me and listen, This is how my great grandmother taught me, ofcos we used to sit around the wood-fired 3 stone stove. The smoke was unbearable, it made our eyes tear up. I will never forget that traditional  grass thatched house. Thats where the old lady and her fellow elders used to hold the traditional dance to invoke spirits as they danced and walked through fire.

There she told stories of the sea goddess and how every year she claimed a boy and a girl as sacrifice, ofcos that was to discourage us from swimming  at the river. Yes thats right, river, little, ones.  There were rivers flowing from the beautiful  mountains, with a rhythm we all danced to. we dived in the deep waters singing to the river goddess not to claim us as sacrifices. we never let our great grandma catch us though.

There used to be forests, oh the beautiful  trees and the fresh air. You must have read about Wangari Mathae, how she fought for deforestation to stop, it won her a nobel price. If only she could see what used to be the Karura forest, I loved to take nature walks there, i would take you my dear children, but its a desert now. You know the wild animals they draw for you soo badly, they used to live in the forest. poor creation, they were poached and drawn away from their  habitats, no wonder they are extinct.

Have you seen a natural fruit bearing tree? With all the grafting  and budding, they’ve lost their natural taste. Your great grandpa wouldn’t  eat the food you eat. That man loved sweet potatoes, oh i forgot you’ve  never eaten them.

Sweet ones, what happened to humanity? when did people value money more than humanity itself?  Better were the days my great grandma used batter trade. Individualism, corruption, what happened  to  those of great minds that taught us of love for one onother? let me not destroy the story time with this sad tales on the loss of humanity.

My sweet great grandchildren, sit around me and listen to stories before the world become a global family, when it was still  a global village, Little ones, once upon a time………………

when life beats you.

Am numb,
It suffocating.  I  wanna get out of this cage, but i can’t move,
Am trying but there is a lump in my throat. Is it tied to my legs?
why can’t i move? won’t look up, won’t  open my eyes.
Its standing over me, with a hammer hitting me deep to the ground.
Oh world, you’ve  beat me, but i won’t  cry. Am too young to give up.
I see the light, its a firefly. its whispering  to me, To get up and try again.
so what that life has beat me this time round? That it has pushed me too far? I will swallow that lump, i will free my legs, I’ll  stop trying to move and move.  watch out oh world, am coming for you. I will win.

The next time we meet at  battlefield better be prepared. I have new moves. You’ll  see me dance as the nightingale sings a song. A victory song. Because I’ll  beat you.