He had what he lacked.

​A story told by a lonely soul, one who had loved enough to hate love. He who had the heart to love, all that required love, but gave him none. He that grew weary of being nice,so he had to tell tales, of the one thing he owned but yet lacked, the thing he gave up on but hoped for, the tales of love. He looked at his audience with a priceless smile,that hid his sorrows too painful to make his tears. He said it was a love letter, read out loud for all the passersby to hear,his voice was not the most captivating of all, but i listened.

“To you my love, don’t  hate me for giving up, for showing my smile no more. It is the way it is, have i not been hurt enough? What is it i don’t  do that love keeps getting away? I love those that don’t  love me, funny how they too love those that don’t love them. Is  it my eyes, me being too nice, the way i walk or my personality? The pain when a girl rejects me. Then  i say, i will never smile again, but i do it, again and again.

My fantasies of a perfect love story, the craving for a friend, a family,a lover. My fears are of becoming a lonely old man, If only i could have one perfect love story. Many are times i have said to myself i will never love again, how right i was,not. My heart loves as much as it gets broken.

Over and over i have loved, only for it to be over before it starts, when i get over the pain, another comes  and the same cycle begins and all over again, i get crushed. Am a good one, with flaws and scars though but, what did i do for karma to deny me of love? More know of my desperation, have you not all called me a loner? I pretend to love being by myself, but do i have a choice? I have to love it. A friend told me that i had to love myself more, i did.Work on my esteem, my choices ,  i did and i have no more to do but to just hope for love.I see those that are favoured by love, and i keep asking, why can’t  i be like them? The irony of life,i am the love doctor, they all come to me for advice. This my beautiful audience, is to when love comes by, when love loves me, i hope then it will know,i have been hurt.”

He tells of a sorrowful love story.His audience i can tell haven’t paid him much attention but they’ve heard his story. He tells it everyday, “the lonely mad man” they call him. His stories, of how unfair this world is. His story today interests me, for of all the lonely souls seated around him, those of us passing by and those that hear of his story, we all are like him, lonely people seeking for one to fill in our empty souls, compassion and attention for us to be complete. Only a few of us have found it, those that haven’t, we either pretend to have or not talk about it. We go as far as forcing ourselves into unworthy relationships. Its no wonder people cry of broken hearts, unrequited love which all sometimes results  to “love sucks”

He is just a crazy loner but as i go home today,i know better to appreciate the love that i have,that which i give and that which i receive.

“Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.”