Love don’t love me.

“It was a great moment,Unforgettable, you should have seen me.” My friend was not leaving out any details. I hated this, over an hour of pure torture, one no one was forcing on me. The price i had to pay for being a best friend. I sat comfortably, all attention on her, almost found myself taking notes. It would be unwise to not listen, this was a requirement as per the friendship codes. So i let myself travel with her to that moment, i watched her face glow, her smile brighten, she had touched the stars.

“when i walked in all eyes were on me. For a moment i was Cleopatra my dear,i was a beauty goddess,flawless, i walked with grace, every calculated step i took was a magic ward,turning all eyes to my direction. I consumed the air, imagine the poor breathless souls, Then i saw him,my Caesar, I could feel his charm from a distance. My senses were multiplied, my heart was beating so fast and still seemed to stop. Instead of butterflies i had birds in my tummy that seemed to shake my whole being making me aware of my every move. A piece of art,i guess the creator took time to complete and mould him into perfection. Ignoring all the ceaser wannabes i walked straight into my prince charming’s wide open arms.A perfect moment. As he pulled a chair next to him,i could see how dissapointed the ladies were. Too caught up in the moment, i couldn’t see the sarcastic smile he had,i couldn’t see the scorn in the other ladies, i couldn’t see the laughter in his friends, it was my moment.” on and on she gave me details of how her prince took her to paradise and dropped her in hell. I could tell she was hurt. More and more i followed her story until she hit me with the question, ” why did it happen to me?”

why did it? Her love story didn’t not last. Her beauty was enchanting, she loved truly, she gave her all, He was perfect, she had the charm but no matter what she did, she couldn’t keep him. So she concluded, love didn’t not love her.

We all have gone through that i guess (if not love really does favour you) made to feel unwanted, dissapointed in ourselves, questioned us on why others have love while we don’t. Cried ourselves to sleep. Tried to change how we are but some times it seems not to work. we hate ourselves for it then decide to let go of love and watch as people try to find it.

How wrong we are. I agree i hardly understand how it works but am sure love finds us, just as am sure everything happens for a reason. So i comforted my friend wondering if really love didn’t love her, Though i didn’t know what to tell her ( had less to tell, just a boost of her self-esteem and confidence) i believed in love for everyone. I told myself of a not tragic love story but of a paradise full of love. had to believe in love, for love is all i give and love is all i should receive. Love loves me.

6 thoughts on “Love don’t love me.

    • mary July 27, 2016 / 5:42 am

      Thankyou. Glad you passed by.


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