when life beats you.

Am numb,
It suffocating.  I  wanna get out of this cage, but i can’t move,
Am trying but there is a lump in my throat. Is it tied to my legs?
why can’t i move? won’t look up, won’t  open my eyes.
Its standing over me, with a hammer hitting me deep to the ground.
Oh world, you’ve  beat me, but i won’t  cry. Am too young to give up.
I see the light, its a firefly. its whispering  to me, To get up and try again.
so what that life has beat me this time round? That it has pushed me too far? I will swallow that lump, i will free my legs, I’ll  stop trying to move and move.  watch out oh world, am coming for you. I will win.

The next time we meet at  battlefield better be prepared. I have new moves. You’ll  see me dance as the nightingale sings a song. A victory song. Because I’ll  beat you.


10 thoughts on “when life beats you.

  1. jeneanebehmeswritings January 28, 2016 / 4:13 am

    Good for you! Keep getting back up, continue fighting hard, sweetie! There’s an old Japanese proverb: “Fall down seven, stand up eight.” So even if the world has knocked you on your butt for that rough, hard seventh time, you will find the courage deep inside of you to stand up for that eighth time. You are a wonderful writer, the world needs you!

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      • jeneanebehmeswritings January 28, 2016 / 6:35 am

        You are so welcome, sweetie! If life becomes too hard at any point, please let me know and I will help you in any way I can okay? Let all of your WordPress pals know, we will all help you! You are strong but we all need help at times because sometimes life does try to kick us in the butt a little too hard. Take good good care!

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      • marymuema January 28, 2016 / 6:44 am

        Aren’t you amazing? thankyou. I sure will like they say, sometimes we all need someone to lean on. Be careful too.

        Liked by 1 person

      • jeneanebehmeswritings January 28, 2016 / 6:46 am

        Thanks! You are amazing too! As well as a great writer. Thank you for finding me and sharing your wonderful posts, I enjoyed them a lot and I look forward to reading all of them and any future ones 🙂 Have a great Thursday!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mukui July 20, 2016 / 9:48 am

    Life hits like a sissy. haha… Noma sana. Keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

    • mary July 20, 2016 / 10:54 am

      Thankyou. Glad you like my writing


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