My neighbour

We all  have that journalist neighbour, who without  ever joining a journalism class, has all the journalistic qualities plus a few of his/her own but lacks professionalism. They know who did what,when and why.

They know who cooked what by just looking at the bin. They are well equiped with the knowledge whether right or wrong and cares not if you take it or not. Correction to such a neighbour is like a sharp sword,they also never lack words to say. They visit with stories and leave with much more to tell.

Be careful with them when they visit. For whatsoever  you say, shall be used against  you in the court of your fellow neighbours or the one you gossiped. They have a degree and have gone through almost every expirience. Talk of a rich uncle you’ve  got, they too have. About that poor aunt of yours, theirs beg on the street. So you were robbed, have you not heard  they were carjacked. They don’t  even own a car.

So to all those such neighbours, you might make where we live an interesting place but we are tired of your dramas. Tired of the fight you pick with almost everyone. Did  we say about  how much we hate that you know so much about us  things that we too don’t  know?  Lemmi end here for now, but dear journalistic  neighbour  would you try and get a life of your own?

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