You should know.

Sometimes we all do irritating things. Those that we deliberately  do without knowing and those we are aware of. Take for example you are sitted next to me in a matatu, busy texting, then i peep at every text. That doesnot even compare to me talking to you while busy sleeping, contemplating  on how to solve your issue moreso if i have a bad breathe. Those people you wish they would just keep quiet or just leave you alone.

I once happened to sit in a matatu and this lady was singing so loud without noticing, there are people who sing so bad with headphones  on. They just cant help it. I understand its a public vehicle, i dont need to be comfortable but please, you don’t  have to pick your nose or blow it with your hands and expect sweet glances.

I am not even  talking about those people that talk with their mouth full or make so much noise while eating. Don’t  make us leave the table for you for fear of throwing food particles in our plates.

To you who scratches every part of your body in public, spits everywhere, we ain’t  happy seeing your saliva.i thought you should know.

We cant say how irritating this and many more are, but i can say, irritating ain’t  pleasant.

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