The dark queen. 👑

They say am a little Gothic,

Strange you see,

That I have a cold stare,

My eyes see through them,

Through their veins and their bad blood,

A queen whose crown is Embroided with dry bones,

She that feeds of darkness,

They know I sit on a ice cold throne,

That I am a cold stone,


But hey,

What’s so Gothic about the smell of their fears,

A stench of their trembling souls,

A taste of their Sour tears?

What’s so Gothic about my love for black,

Of the dead feelings that I harbour,

Of the cold and the dirty mind,

My addiction for the dreadful beats,

So what that I dance in the tombstones and arise when the dark arises,

That I outrun the monsters and dance better than the spirits,

That they tremble at the sight of me, her awesomeness,

That I can walk when all fall,

It ain’t my fault that darkness is afraid of me?

One thought on “The dark queen. 👑

  1. pkforeal October 29, 2018 / 3:50 pm

    But little does she know,
    That the darkness can also glow.
    She is concentrated on the dark cloud,
    That she missed the beautiful melody of the thunder.
    She hides in darkness,
    Because her shine is too bright for the light.
    She hardened her heart,
    Due to all the hurt,
    She sits on the throne of lost souls,
    Souls that were hoping to find her,
    Her beautiful essence that once was.
    Was the pure meaning of life.
    Life that the earth will never experience again.
    Again the ground cries
    Cries to fill the oceans.

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