​How can he walk with his head held high? when shame has visited his home and redicule is his doorknob? How can he make them understand when they don’t listen? How can he speak without glances from them of good deeds? How can he tell them that the son’s they call righteous are birds of the feathers and they all flock together?
He can’t. so he wishes for fate to make them understand. He builds up an imaginary world. A garden of Eden with no serpent to make him fall and be of sin. He wishes they would fit in his shoes for a while. He creates a world with less harsh judgement. He wonders where this species that never fails came from.Them that know how to judge. 
A man has to live his life though. He got to clear his deeds with his Maker.He knows this though, A rock rolled up hill  can roll back to the man pushing it, just as Karma is a bitch.

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