Wrecked soul.

โ€‹She learnt to see with her eyes closed, ignore what the heart felt, she listened to reason,gave in to challenge,  paid attention, close attention that she became wise enough to know when to walk away, making an iron wall around her, but she never knew that her heart was growing cold, that her humanity was drying up,  the what that made who she was faded, she became cold and cared not, she was a lost black sheep, whose shame showed no regrets, worse she began to love it,for it was the only way she could avoid pain, so the good in her she buried, and deep into the darkness she walked, only light bright enough to wipe her history and re-write her story would rescue her, only a past so dark would show her the light, only that which was impossible, a miracle.

She feared not being a walking dead, for it was a clear fact that no one mourned her, it was time for her to be free in her own cage, a cage she could control, in her darkness,with her cold heart and lost part of her, but was there stubborn pieces of goodness that could be salvaged?  Was there a light so strong to save a lost soul? Was there hope? Was there?

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