Time and chance.

​Time and chance, words stuck in my head for the past few days like little pests determined not to let go.I sing time, dance to chance, Eat time, sleep chance. So  earlier today as i was sitting in my place of inspiration which happens to be in the washrooms, (Guessing its because of the solitude and you all once in a while come up with ideas from in there, don’t you?) I tried to figure out what those two words were  all about in the simplest of ways, which took me back in time, a while ago, when a group of friends from my primary school years decided to hold a get together party.

I wasn’t the coolest of kids back then,though i tried to blend in with the cool ones thanks to my grandma (may she rest in piece) i was determined to impress everyone at the party especially this one girl who always “got the guys “and in order to be kept in the circle of cool friends the less cool(that would be me) had to carry her bag home as she walked hand in hand with her prince charming, which by the way were numerous, how that used to make me jealous. My determination had me call my best friend,  plan on killer moves that would make everyone want to be us. 

We had to go in last at the party,duh! its game on. Basically  i am short, which most people find adorable, my floral stiletto dress and heels made me feel like a goddess, (Don’t blame me, i have never told my esteem to raise that high) and in we matched to the hall where the party was. The shock i got, In a minute i thought i was in the wrong place. Do you believe that people can change? I mean literally change. people whose faces looked familiar yet i could have sworn to never have seen them before. A mixture of people who seemed to be in their early thirties, teenagers, hard to believe we all once shared a class, harder to believe we all were in the same age group,  (16-20)if more twenty four.

“Our girl”had aged and with two kids, and jobless. Not just her, people who had a bright future back then were now the village drunks, with sad tales and money problems. I had no one to impress for no one cared being cool they all had problems. Only a few of us had managed to go to college. Its not that their parents couldn’t afford but because of the choices they made.Most of them like my granny used to say, had rushed life. They had jumped some steps in life.I was just a collage student, depending on my family for support and doing some odd jobs just in process of learning to be independent and save for the future, i was reminded of our teacher who kept telling us that one day some of us would look back and regret the time they wasted on irrelevant things. She always told us that we all had the same opportunity. How true she was. 

Blame free will, the choices some of us had made, we had fun and lots of catching up with some fake smiles hiding pain and some scorn. As i walked towards the bus stop, a car pulled on the other side of the road and the driver signalled me,( by signal i mean shouts my name) Oh! its the class nerd, he used to be, who gives me a ride back to the city in his car, were we in the same class? I have no idea.

How life changed for each one of us. Different people, given the same opportunity but time and chance working differently for them. Reminding me of, i have  seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

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    • mary October 5, 2016 / 3:42 pm

      Thankyou. Am glad and really appreciate your comment.


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