Do they really know?

She looks back at who she was, pure, a heart of gold a kind soul. A faded smile appear  and vanishes before she too realizes  it. Tears and sadness  replace it. So what went wrong? When did she become heartless?when did she know of evil? She too doesn’t  understand.

She remembers the good days when her heart,mind and soul  weren’t  corrupted by the evil world. She hates that she sold her dignity, that her principles are misplaced. She dreams no more with her world small and crooked. 

So now that her humanity is lost. That her sins seem unforgivable, and all you do is give her lofty glances and say the things you never say on her face, she wonders, do you all know? Do you understand that all she needs is love, prayer and maybe some less harsh judgement? Will you understand her reasons  for being who she is now? Will you listen you of good deeds?

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