The patriotic me.

So our flag symbolises  peace, blood, people  and  landscape atlist that what i learnt.if need be i would add love and patriotism. I checked all round for corruption, tribalism alot of  politics, i didn’t  find any not even in the constitution.

I know in many countries all people hear are fabricated lies and empty promises. It makes me wish that we lived in those old days where people lived in the forest and batter trade was all the business there was. Money was no priority  but humanity was.

People shared the little there was. The system of governing  the people was fair and just. Not that there were no flaws then but hey, we know the lies were less then. Nway someone once said, for communication  to be understood and taken into consinderation, it needs to be emotional  and less truthful.

So I’ll  give you alittle lie. As a citizen am satisfied with all there is in my country’s  government. I dont hate the fact that promises are never kept. This aint a lie though, i love my country.we all do.

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